Tuesday, 1 January 2019

LITTLE JIMI ~ EP.1 ( 2018)

Little Jimi ~EP.1

Occasionally, we connoisseurs of all things musically abominable, need to lay down, clear our minds of all the shit that is going on in our lives and instead of fighting against the angst and negativity our 'preferred' mode of noise usually instils in us (and let's face it, we LOVE it) we need to let a piece of music envelop us and give us a sense of calm and joy. Enter French psychedelic stoners Little Jimi imparting a tale of the child 'Little Jimi' and his imaginary friend Katus conquering a new life through wisdom and demons.

The tale is told through six sonnets of soothing, dreamy jams melded with a rhythm of burbling bass lines, metronomic drumming and  clear, crisp vocals. There is a defined contrast between the state of bliss and middle eastern euphoria emanating from the songs on EP.1 with the many hard edged licks which allows this (long) ep to breathe in garage rock based oxygen and breathe out psychedelic stoner dioxide.

A very interesting album that although quite diverse, is easy to digest. It meanders in many places rocks the hell out in others and the final live track 'Midnight Mojo' suggests that Little Jimi kill it on stage as well.

Definitely a band to keep a watchful eye on

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